Tips on Water Damage and Water Restoration Services

Each year the material damage caused by water costs owners billions of dollars. The most common problems that arise are with pipes (tubs, toilets, showers, etc.). You can minimize the severity of water if you take certain precautions. There is plenty of issues that can arise after a storm, one of which is flooding outside the home. If your home isn’t sealed properly, flooding could be the least of your worries.

Preparedness Tips

Follow these steps to protect your home from permanent water damage:

If you are going on a holiday excursion, turn off the water to reduce the chance of flooding from washing machines and frozen pipes.

During the winter season, let some water out of the pipe constantly to prevent the pipe breaks.

Clean the external channels to prevent damage to the roof or overflow channels.

Plan an inspection at least once a year to check connections and appliances that use water.

Safety Tips

Do not enter rooms with ceiling fans that are not well secured because water may have accumulated in them.

Do your best to not use electrical appliances that may have been damaged by fire, heat or water.

Do not use equipment or electrical appliances while you are standing on wet carpet or floors.

Try not to use the TV and other appliances while you are standing on wet carpet or floors.

If the electricity is on, do not enter rooms where standing water is present.

Tips for Cleaning

Get professional help immediately. Prompt attention and proper cleanup can help prevent further water damage and growth of bacteria and mold.

In rooms where the ceiling is not depressed, but only wet, remove the appliance or fixtures so that wet wiring can dry.

Remove as much excess water as possible. Open damp books to dry, wipe wooden furniture, etc.

If you need help or more information on flood damage, contact your local professional. Even though this section highlights examples of safety precautions, it’s important that you are prepared for anything that comes your way, especially storms and in-house flooding. Many people will look to a professional only after their efforts to repair the problems have failed. This is always a good idea because an expert is a professional in their field. However, you should never try to repair anything unless you are 100 percent sure you can make a difference for the better. Experts encourage you use your best judgment to determine what is most appropriate when choosing a water restoration company.


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